Measure your impact. Achieve your vision.

Working with us to improve your social and environmental impact can provide your organization opportunities such as:

  • Saving money

  • Increasing sales 

  • Engaging and retaining talent


  • Becoming a leader in your industry

  • Becoming a leader in your community

Our Process

baseline development.png


You need a starting point. Using the B Corp Impact Assessment, we will develop a base of metrics to grow impactful ideas from.

gap analysis.png


We will provide an in-depth analysis to determine the areas for opportunity that align with where you want your company to be. 



This is the fun part. From the baseline and gap analysis, we offer innovative strategies that can help you reach your goal of a more responsible organization.

Need help with implementation? 

We do that too.

What We Offer


We use the B Corp Impact Assessment as a measuring tool to develop your baseline and complete a gap analysis. The Impact Assessment shows a clearer picture of the state of responsibility within a business, it provides best practices ideas for the future, encourages improvement, and sets you up to measure what matters. We help our clients through the Assessment to

1) become B Corp certified and/or

2) measure and improve their impact



Are you interested in understanding the full range of sustainable costs and  benefits your projects and programs provide to the communities you serve?

Our Program Evaluation Framework helps translate your organizational impact into meaningful quantitative outcomes that highlight the full range of benefits of your work on the local economy, environment and society. The narratives and impacts we measure can help your organization procure investment, communicate your impact to stakeholders, and identify opportunities for operational and process improvements that result in cost savings and enhanced impact.
Forsei’s Program Evaluation Tool (PET) is also capable of forecasting and comparing proposed sustainability programs and initiatives, allowing your organization make the investment decisions that provide the most efficient returns.

The PET can analyse a range of sustainable initiatives ranging from: renewable energy efficiency programs, zero waste, alternative transportation development, sequestration programs, carbon offsets and many more.

Contact us for a complimentary demo or consultation. We would be thrilled to help tell your sustainable impact story by providing meaningful metrics about your sustainable impact.



The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) promotes the use of sustainability reporting as a way for organizations to become more sustainable and contribute to sustainable development.  The GRI Framework is a reporting system that provides metrics and methods for measuring and reporting sustainability-related impacts and performance.