2014: What Got Us Up in the Morning

Forsei is looking back on an exciting year of responsible business and sustainable initiatives. From partnering up with SBN to becoming officially B Corp Certified (yay!), we’re here to recount another year of #sustybiz.

Joined Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia

We’ve admired SBN since its creation, and we’re excited now to call ourselves members. SBN unites Philly businesses that have a shared vision for community development, environmental sustainability and social responsibility in addition to profitability. We’re looking forward to an awesome relationship, and getting to know other local susty businesses.

Led social media for Drexel Lebow’s Center for Corporate Reputation Management’s Corporate Social Responsibility Panel

The exciting panel discussed the importance of corporate social responsibility and the positive effects businesses gain themselves. Panelists included Camilla Meiby (spokeswoman for IKEA), Ed Satell (Founder of Progressive Business Publications), and Paul Beideman (President & CEO of Avenue of the Arts).



Attended SBN’s SustainaBall!

Here we met and were inspired by other Philly leaders in sustainability, all while sampling seasonal snacks- and booze- from local businesses.


Held Philly Collective Happy Hours!

We hosted B Corps, SBN members, and more to talk about responsible business, speed-network, recruit new B Corps and SBN members, and share best practices. Held at United By Blue in Old City, we featured businesses like Solar States, MilkCrate, and more! Stay tuned for more exciting ones coming up...





Joined the startup community at Baiada Institute as an incubator business.

We were lucky enough to be hosted by the Baiada Institute, gaining access to an infrastructure and network of support that helped us make Forsei into a successful business. Although we love our new space, we miss our old home!



Maria went to Silicon Valley with Drexel Close School of Entrepreneurship

Maria was able to learn from West Coast startups, as well as big names like Apple and PayPal, bringing back fresh ideas and resources.

Featured with other Close School of Entrepreneurship startups in their promo video (our friends have even seen this video at the movie theaters in NJ and PA suburbs!)

close video.png

Featured in Market Street Magazine’s Spring/Summer edition

Hosted Fireside Chat: Mythbusting Impact Investing

The event covered the basic strategies of creating and transitioning a portfolio to a more sustainable basis. Tristan King, a representative from a leading financial advising firm, helped us put an end to some myths about sustainable investing.

Started our Campaign for New B’s

A campaign to grow & support the B Corp ecosystem in Philly, our Campaign for New B’s seeks to educate local businesses on the value of becoming B Corp certified, highlight the triumphs and challenges of local B Corps, and encourage discussions between consumers and business owners on how they’re using their businesses as a force for good.


A commitment to preserving the planet and supporting our local economy are the roots of Forsei's mission. We came together with passions for sustainability and community engagement and believe that our passions can help make business the answer. One of the goals we’ve always had since we started Forsei is to become a certified B Corp.

Started co-teaching Social Entrepreneurship course for the Close School

A course which aimed at educating students about B Corps and the B Corp Impact Assessment. Students formed team to consult with clients including Valkyrie Truck Co., New Leaf Cleaning Co., Spor Chargers, MilkCrate, and more to assist them through the B Corp Impact Assessment.

Forsei Consulting became MilkCrate’s in-house business consultants and database “gatekeepers”.

What separates MilkCrate from its competitors is that it solely features local, sustainable businesses. Who better than Forsei to make sure that those companies are actually local with sustainable practices? Forsei is working to build the responsible business economy and MilkCrate is working to spotlight those businesses so working together in this can accelerate both of our efforts.

Forsei, in the simplest terms, are the gatekeepers of the MilkCrate business database. When a business requests to list themselves on MilkCrate's website, there is a quick questionnaire for the submitter to fill out. Hopefully, the one listing the business has some level of knowledge of the business (preferably an owner or employee but there is also a customer recommendation link). The questions only skim the surface of the sustainable business practices but give us a better idea of what level of sustainability the company integrates into their practices. From there, Forsei does an internal review of their responses and checks out any other materials on the company's responsibility. The more transparent a company is about their practices, the easier it is for us to determine the fit. After that, we hit accept or reject (with a friendly email asking if you'd like help becoming more sustainable!) and the MilkCrate database grows.

Maria & Nicole traveled to NYC for a GRI Certification Training Course

The Global Reporting Initiative promotes the use of sustainability reporting as a way for organizations to become more sustainable and contribute to sustainable development.  To do so, the GRI assists in the process of gathering stakeholder support, collecting performance data, building an integrative sustainability report, and communicating a company's successes and challenges about sustainability metrics and performance to their stakeholders and the world.

womens conf.png

Maria spoke on a panel called “Turning Your Dream into Reality” at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women

Along with Emma Johnson, founder of EmJohn Jewelry, and Jill Ross, VP and market director at Beneficial Bank, Maria spoke on her real-life experiences which led to her success in developing Forsei, covering topics like technology, making mistakes and credit financing.





Attended our first B Corp Champions Retreat in Vermont!

A global B Corp Community festivity in honor of the success and growth of the B Corp movement! Forsei celebrated along with other B Corps on the collective accomplishments of B Corps, and the huge effects that our combined actions have had the the environment, communities around the world, and in redifining success in business.

This post was written by Sylvie Luzio, Communications Intern.