The City of Responsible Business

When learning of what we do, many people ask whether we plan to keep Forsei in the Philadelphia area. The answer is wholeheartedly yes. Nicole and I are not Philadelphia natives--she is from Arizona and I from both Washington state and the District. But the minute we set foot here that fateful fall day in 2009, we knew immediately that this was our home.

In getting to know Philadelphia, we learned that it’s a city that’s got the right stuff- roots in the arts, amazing people, growing industries, beautiful parks, a killer food scene, but we noticed other things as well. We honed in on the city’s efforts towards becoming the greenest city in the US, increasingly bike friendly roads, and the growing entrepreneurship scene. In combination with a small, but noticeable national trend where people are looking for meaningful work, we saw that the responsible business trend is picking up in pace.

We saw neighborhood associations building stronger networks, businesses increasingly orienting themselves around their communities, and general shifts to a more conscious way of living in various neighborhoods of the city. And because our passion and experience has been about business, we began to see consumers speak more with their dollars in choosing local and sustainable businesses.

Now, this is happening in other cities for sure. New York always seems to be at the forefront of hip, San Francisco’s wild success almost came out of nowhere, and Boston seems to just have strong roots. But Philly is special. We can’t quite explain it--but Philadelphians nod their head in agreement when we talk about our passion for this city. Philly has the potential to be a leader in the responsible business movement, and we’re staying right here to witness it.