Buy Local Philly: Local is for Lovers

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Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and there are some mixed sentiments on the holiday- some call it Singles Awareness Day but some even celebrate Galentine’s Day on the 13th. But more over, it’s gotten a bad rep as a Hallmark holiday filled with bad chocolate and droopy roses. It doesn’t have to be that way!

The holiday was created to celebrate the close relationships in our lives. We often think that this day is dedicated only to “significant others,” but we often forget that we are celebrating the people who have been close to our hearts. In the spirit of celebrating those around us, we want to tip our hats this holiday to the local businesses that are making this holiday more meaningful by giving back to our local economy. We’ve compiled a list of heartfelt gifts that you can find at locally-owned shops around Philly that you can give to your significant other or crush, but also to your mom, your 3-year-old, a “close” friend, or your favorite coworker.

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This is a post by Maria written for the Buy Local Philly blog in partnership with the Sustainable Business Network.

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