2015 - The Year of Responsible Business



As the year comes to an end, we’re busy schlepping our bags to and from the car and the airport, frantically trying to remember the ingredients to the famous family cookie recipe, and sneaking out to the store on Christmas Eve because you forgot that one last-minute present. But as the hustle and bustle dies down, the last few days of December are a time to look back on the year behind us, and start thinking ahead to 2015. In addition to the yearly “I’ll eat less” and “I’ll exercise more” resolutions, check out this list of things you can do to make 2015 the most responsible, greenest and smartest year for your business, with help from Forsei and Certified B Corporations:


           Not just a buzz-word, transparency in business is necessary in a world that can know everything about everyone with the click of a button. Transparency in business is absolutely important to the responsible organization. Keeping employees, stakeholders, customers and the public informed highlights your commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

  • Having a yearly review or audit of your financials through an independent source
  • Producing an annual report to catch up stakeholders on what’s been going on.
  • Ensuring there is a portal for customers and employees to file complaints- and ensuring this is checked regularly!


Being a sustainable business is not just the right thing to do, but is an absolute selling point. Whether you’re a university trying to interest incoming students, a grocery store looking to cut costs on waste, or a city building director who has seen firsthand how mismanaging wastewater causes huge problems, going green provides solutions- and savings- across the board.

Source: Bennett Compost

Source: Bennett Compost

  • Support green energy! By becoming a Solar Leader, a collaboration between Solar States and The Energy Co Op, 5% of your energy usage will be offset by new solar power generations in the Philly area. If that’s not enough, you could look into sourcing your own energy from renewable systems.
  • Replace cleaning and kitchen materials with non-toxic or organic products, good for you and the environment
  • Recycle and compost! To make it easier for you, a local Philly company, Bennett Compost, will come pick up your compost weekly, taking away the mess and the guilt trip.
  • Modify company policy to encourage employees to commute to work by walking, public transport, biking, or carpooling

Social Responsibility

If you’re looking for ideas to run a more responsible business, you’re already the right track. While making you company more socially responsible is right in itself, there’s also that little extra benefit of creating a company that people want to support. Getting involved with the community, making the company a safe space for employees, and have socially conscious policies are a great start.

  • Raise employee wages. Philly could be the next city to raise minimum wages to $15/hour- do you want to be ahead or behind the trend?
  • Offer paid paternity and maternity leave. The U.S. is trailing behind countries who have already made the choice to support parents in industry- now it’s our turn.
  • Start a Health & Wellness program. Proven more effective when integrated into business strategy, healthier employees will feel the benefits- and so will you.

Forsei is happy to help you implement any of the above programs with our consulting services. Just shoot us an email at for a free consultation to start your 2015 off on the best, most responsible foot!

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