Foresight for 2014

"The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see."

-Winston Churchill 

Forsei has only been operating for half of a year, but it’s been an action packed few months.  We decided that small businesses didn’t have the help they needed to be “responsible” in an efficient way, so we took that leap to ensure that they do. In 2013, we worked with two fantastic clients, Immaculate Cleaning Services (ICS), and PurpleTye Digital Marketing. These have blossomed to be incredible reciprocal processes where we were really allowed to get a strong foothold in our processes and establish our identity. Here’s a snapshot of what we learned and what’s to come in 2014!

Overview of 2013

ICS Logo Small.jpg

ICS a commercial cleaning company that employs residents of Depaul House, a non-profit that offers homeless and disadvantaged people the opportunity to fulfill their potential, and gives 100% of their profits back to Depaul USA. We started working with ICS in October of 2013 to assist them in the process of doing the B Corp Impact Assessment and in a gap analysis once we found their score. In our discussions, they were also very excited about any new environmental initiatives including their already eco-certified cleaning products and in-house recycling. ICS completed the B Corp Impact Assessment and received a very high score of 108 out of 200! To learn more about ICS and Depaul USA, click here.


Purpletye is a local digital marketing firm dedicated to "helping good businesses do more". In our time working with Purpletye, we've found that they have a deep-rooted inclination to do good. “As a start-up, they feared a social mission would hurt their bottom line.” As time went on, they realized that they could do both- make a social impact while remaining a profitable business.

Following a few brainstorming meetings, Purpletye has created the Tye Gives Back fund. For every dollar made, Purpletye will reinvest their after tax profits into a community development fund which will be used to subsidize marketing costs for their nonprofit clients, host free social media workshops for local businesses, and to create free digital literacy workshops & programs for young professionals.

To learn more about Purpletye's services and community impact, click here.

Benefit Corporation

As of October 2013, we are proud to call ourselves a Pennsylvania Benefit Corporation. So what does this mean for us? A Benefit Corporation is a new type of incorporation in select states around the country that:

  • creates a material positive impact on society and the environment;
  • expands fiduciary duty to require consideration of non-financial interests when making decisions; and
  • reports on its overall social and environmental performance using recognized third party standards. 

To learn more about Benefit Corporations, click here.

 Our New Home

The synergy and similarities between The Sustainability Nexus and Forsei to bring together like-minded individuals involved sustainability and social responsibility for collaboration made it a no brainer to partner with the City CoHo | Philly Nexus. The coworking space is located at 2401 Walnut and aims to be the region’s new home for sustainability professionals. 


Goals for 2014

  1. Pursue B Corp certification: We need to walk the walk if we're going to talk the talk. We believe the B Corp certification is one of the most transparent, third party certifications for social and environmental performance. We can't wait to join the B Corp community to make the world a better place and set an example for our clients and other Philly businesses.
  2. Host monthly Collective networking events: Part of our mission is to connect local businesses that are already doing good with those who are looking to do better. Of course we also want to have fun and what better way to meet new people and learn about new innovative ideas than over a glass or wine or a pint of beer?! If you are interested in joining The Collective, please contact us.
  3. Build our client-base: As a start-up, we're always looking for new clients and in 2014, we have ambitious goals for our partners. If you know of a company or organization that wants to do good or do better but doesn't know how, connect us!